Research and scholarship from faculty and staff involved in Educational Effectiveness Assessment at St. John Fisher University, including the Educational Assessment Leadership Team.


Submissions from 2015

Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment (PCOA) as Predictor of Performance on NAPLEX, David Hutchinson, Jane M. Souza, and Lalani Lenhard

Assessing the impact of peer instructor generated formative self-assessments, Melinda E. Lull, Jennifer Mathews, and Jane M. Souza

Using Peer Instructors to Design and Implement Online Self-Assessments, Melinda E. Lull, Jennifer Mathews, and Jane M. Souza


Using the NILOA Transparency Framework: It's All About the Process, Cathy S. Sweet, Lori A. Hollenbeck, Caroline A. Critchlow, and Jane M. Souza

Submissions from 2014


The College Is Our Classroom: Campus Assessment Leaders Share Their Most Effective (and favorite) Faculty Development Programs, Caroline A. Critchlow, Jane M. Souza, Lori A. Hollenbeck, and Cathy S. Sweet


The Library’s Role in Assessment in Higher Education: How it relates to Information Literacy, Accreditation, and Value, Dorothy Schramm and Cathy S. Sweet


Universal Assessment Challenges in Healthcare Related Education, Jane M. Souza

Submissions from 2013


Two Colleagues, Two Colleges, Two Cores: Using General Education Assessment to Define and Promote Your Institution’s Identity, Heidi Northwood and Cathy S. Sweet


Closing the Mobius Loop: Creating a New Approach to the Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Through Interdepartmental Collaborations, Cathy S. Sweet, Nancy Greco, and Melissa Jadlos