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Use of computing devices in classrooms has become increasingly common.


  • •Students may be more academically satisfied and engaged when they are able to use these devices in the classroom (e.g., Gaudreau, Miranda, & Gareau, 2014; Samson, 2010).


  • •Using them for non-relevant tasks can be distracting and result in lower academic performance (e.g., Ravizza, Hambrick, & Fenn, 2014; Gaudreau et al., 2014).

Distracting activities often originate from internet access (Fried, 2008; McCreary, 2009).

  • This may be particularly problematic in courses where the internet is constantly accessible, such as in courses that meet in computer labs.

However, few studies have examined internet usage experimentally to determine its effect on academic performance.

In the current study, we sought to determine whether blocking internet use in computer lab statistics courses would elicit higher academic performance.


Presented at the Association for Psychological Science Convention in New York City, New York, May 2015.

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