The Petal Project: An Innovation in Sexual Healthcare and Education for Kenyan Schoolgirls

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In the fall of 2011, nursing students and faculty in the school of nursing (SON) at a small, private, liberal arts college in western New York took action on an issue. They wanted to create a means for girls in remote regions of Kenya experiencing their menses to effectively deal with their menstrual flow. Many girls chose to stay home during their menses to avoid being teased by others due to a lack of sanitary supplies. Thus began the Petal project where students and faculty came together and sewed reusable sanitary pads then shared in educational circles with girls in the school. The Petal project, aka the pad project, has grown in popularity and participation not only on their college campus, but also in neighboring and regional communities. Since its inception, this initiative has expanded to include over 6 countries and impacted the lives of hundreds of givers and receivers.


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