Program and Project Management

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Chapter 9:

The ever-expanding role of nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners and leaders is as complex as the health care industry itself. The health care industry's exponential growth and struggles with costs, safety, continuity of care, health care reform, patient safety, and quality of care necessitate constant attention to evidence-based practice, innovation, outcomes, and sustainable change. The Nursing Professional Development: Scope and Standards of Practice emphasizes the role of the NPD practitioner in managing change, achieving defined outcomes, and supporting interprofessional collaboration (Harper & Maloney, 2016). NPD leaders are well positioned to function as program and project managers (PMs) and lead change at the organization and system levels. Accordingly, collaborative partnerships and mastery of the skills relative to program and project management are crucial for change management and the transition to a new health care landscape. In this chapter, the similarities and differences between programs and projects are presented along with the concepts, strategies, tools, and processes used to ensure successful planning, implementation, evaluation, and sustainability.


Charlene Smith is also co-editor of book.

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