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Introduction by: John J. O’Kane, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, Roberts Wesleyan College

Those of us who have long sought to promote meaningful program innovations and structural changes to advance the more normalized teaching model, often referred to as “inclusion,” fully understand the critical need for administrative support of the process. “I’m So Excited About This” clearly and succinctly describes the significant contributions of Hilton Central School District’s leadership at both district and building levels in advancing an inclusive continuum of services as the approach to integrating special and general education. This strategy is based on three key and fundamental beliefs: Hilton’s students belong in Hilton’s schools; general education settings afford the best opportunity for success; and special education is a service, not a place. This narrative history powerfully articulates and affirms the importance of a shared vision, mutual collaboration, and a common core of beliefs that promote learning for all students.


Chapter in Duets and Dialogue: Voices on Inclusive Practices in Our Schools, edited by Marie Cianca and Cathy Freytag. The full book can be found here:

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