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Introduction by: Jackie Czamanske, Regional Field Facilitator, NYSED S3TAIR Project

As a School Improvement Specialist, I’ve facilitated numerous discussions over the years on how a school district may address the various challenges it faces. During these conversations, teams often voice their fears on how including students with disabilities may negatively affect a school's overall performance. The Rochester City School District’s World of Inquiry School provides a solid illustration on how high expectations and inclusion can lock arms in a large urban environment to achieve a performance-enhanced setting for all students. “Are We There Yet?” gives building administrators and leaders an intimate illustration of one school's journey to create an inclusive environment. Concrete guidance on structures, culture, collaboration and a developmental implementation model provide navigational tools on how to “Get the world for EVERY student!”


Chapter in Duets and Dialogue: Voices on Inclusive Practices in Our Schools, edited by Marie Cianca and Cathy Freytag. The full book can be found here:

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