Research and scholarship from faculty and staff in the Sport Management Department at St. John Fisher University.


Books from 2023

The Sport Management Educator: Strategies for Teaching, Emily Dane-Staples

Submissions from 2022


Aligning the Classroom and the Job Through Team-Based Learning, Emily Dane-Staples

Submissions from 2019


Assessing a Two-Pronged Approach to Active Learning in Sport Sociology Classrooms, Emily Dane-Staples


Pandora's Box Enters the Batter's Box: How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act's Unintended Consequence Places MLB, and All North American Leagues, in Tax Chaos, Kari Smoker, Alan Pogroszewski, Kyle Stitch, and Kevin Arnold

Submissions from 2018

Creating a Triple Threat in Presentation Slide Design, Emily Dane-Staples


Update in Attitudes Towards Wage Equality in Gendered Professions, Emily Dane-Staples

Submissions from 2017

Active Learning Strategies for Sport Sociology Classrooms, Emily Dane-Staples

Submissions from 2016


Emphasizing Sportsmanship in Youth Sport, Todd Harrison