Research and scholarship from faculty and staff in the Sociology Department at St. John Fisher University.


Books from 2022

Biostatistics: An Introduction and Conceptual Critique 1st Edition, David Baronov

Submissions from 2018


Shifting Agendas and Competing Interests within Public Health, Science and Technology, and Medicine in Africa, David Baronov


The Real People: Ethnohuman Speciation at the Intersection of Modern Western Multiculturalism, Human Rights, and ‘Islamic’ Terrorism, David Elijah Bell

Spotted Goddesses: Dalit women's agency-narratives on caste and gender violence, Jebaroja Singh

Strangers, aliens, foreigners : the politics of othering from migrants to corporations, Marissa Sonnis-Bell, David Elijah Bell, and Michelle Ryan

Submissions from 2017


The Analytical-Holistic Divide Within World-Systems Analysis, David Baronov


Port Hope Burning: The Trail of Eldorado, the Uranium Medical Research Centre, and Community Tension over Scientific Uncertainty, David Elijah Bell and Melissa Zappora Bell


Religion as a coping mechanism for health problems and depression among aging Puerto Ricans on the Mainland, Marta B. Rodríguez-Galán and Luis M. Falcón

Submissions from 2016


Nishida Kitarō on Social Contradiction: A Critical Lens for Analyzing Community-Supported Agriculture, David Baronov

Submissions from 2014


Aging and Caregiving Among Latin@s in the U.S., Marta B. Rodríguez-Galán


Aging Puerto Ricans’ Experiences of Depression Treatment: A New Ethnographic Exploration, Marta B. Rodríguez-Galán and Luis M. Falcón

Submissions from 2013


Grandmothering in Life-Course Perspective: A Study of Puerto Rican Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren in the United States, Marta B. Rodríguez-Galán


The Ethnography of Ethnic Minority Families and Aging: Familism and Beyond, Marta B. Rodríguez-Galán

Books from 2012

Conceptual foundations of social research methods, David Baronov

Submissions from 2011


Hegemonic Masculinity and Counter-hegemonic Feminist Discourses for Peace, Marta B. Rodríguez-Galán

Puerto Rican Grandmothers as Mothers in Difficult Times, Marta B. Rodríguez-Galán

Submissions from 2010

AIDS in Africa and the Clash of Peripheral and Core-Based 'Western' Medical Modernities, David Baronov

The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde: A Study in the Contradictions of Early Industrial Capitalism, David Baronov


Patterns of Social Activity Engagement Among Older Hispanics and Their Relationship to Sociodemographic and Health Variables, Marta B. Rodríguez-Galán and Luis M. Falcón

Submissions from 2009

The Impact of Conflicting African and Western Medical Values, Beliefs, and Practices on HIV/AIDS Prevention, David Baronov


The Role of Historical-Cultural Formations within World-Systems Analysis: Reframing the Analysis of Biomedicine in East Africa, David Baronov


Ethnicity, Race, Class and Nationality, David A. Baronov and Kevin Yelvington

Submissions from 2008


Biomedicine: an ontological dissection, David Baronov

Global Cultural Exchanges over the Longue Durée: Africa's Ongoing Appropriation of Western Biomedicine, David Baronov

The African Transformation of Western Medicine and the Dynamics of Global Cultural Exchange, David Baronov

The Incorporation of Cultural Forms as Features of Globalization, David Baronov

Western Cultural Influences and the Commodification of African Ethnomedicine, David Baronov

Submissions from 2007

Cultural Economy and Reciprocal Global Cultural Flows, David Baronov

Submissions from 2006


Global Capitalism and Urban Education, David Baronov


Globalization and Urban Education, David Baronov

The Export of Biomedicine to Africa in the Context of Western Colonial Rule, David Baronov

The Tryanny of Assessment, David Baronov

The Western Origins of Biomedicine: The Intersections of Scientific Reason, Cultural Meaning and Social Power, 1870–1945, David Baronov

Submissions from 2005


Bahia, David Baronov

Biomedical Imperialism, David Baronov

Submissions from 2004


Exporting Behavior Modification Models to a US Colony: Public Health Workers and HIV/AIDS Prevention in Puerto Rico., David Baronov


Navigating the Hidden Assumptions of the Introductory Research Methods Text., David Baronov


Putting "Sociology‟ at the Service of the Counterterrorist State While Marginalizing Sociologists, David Baronov

The Politics of Race and Research, David Baronov

Submissions from 2003


Colonial Rule, Aids, and Social Control in Puerto Rico, David Baronov

Reconceptualizing the Global Working-Class, David Baronov

The Racial Origins of Contemporary Brazilian Class Structure, David Baronov

Submissions from 2001

Post-Abolition Brazil, David Baronov

Teaching Research Methods to NonResearch-Oriented Sociology Majors, David Baronov

Submissions from 2000

Class and AIDS in the Caribbean, David Baronov

Public Health and Social Control in Puerto Rico, David Baronov

The abolition of slavery in Brazil : the "liberation" of Africans through the emancipation of capital, David Baronov