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Cognitive psychology is a lesser-enjoyed course in the undergraduate psychology curriculum, often attributed to students' difficulty in practically applying course concepts. Students in cognitive psychology classes struggle to find practical applications for the content. Standard assessments (e.g. written research papers) fail to capture the real-world applications of cognitive phenomena. Using an applied framework can motivate interest in cognition. I provide instructions for the use of an Unessay project in undergraduate cognitive psychology courses, which requires students to present a key construct in any format except an essay. Unessay projects originated in the humanities, and are an excellent fit for psychology. The Unessay is a useful vehicle for identifying and presenting application of a cognitive construct in the real world. Students are required to convey that information in a creative, non-essay format. Instructions, rubric and examples are provided. The Unessay is a novel approach to a course project in cognitive psychology that can motivate student interest while aligning with several APA outcomes for psychology majors.


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