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Objective: To explore the processes and opportunities provided in the co-curriculum of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy (WSoP) that contribute to the development of successful pharmacy graduates.

Methods: Pharmacy career preparation begins at orientation with workshops on emotional intelligence, leadership, and the APhA Career Pathway Evaluation Program. During the P1 through P4 years, the optional Student Development Workshop Series (SDW) offers seminars for students on a variety of topics including time management, exam taking strategies/anxiety management, learning styles, personal “brand” creation, CV/portfolio development, and interview soft skills. All students may participate in the annual WSoP Career Day, which offers networking and career opportunities, including post-graduate training options. During the P4 year, there is opportunity for a structured Residency/Fellowship Preparation Program (RPP). Additionally, local pharmacy residents/fellows participate in a Residency Teaching/Learning Curriculum Program (TLC) to develop academic teaching and precepting skills.

Results: The SDW program has been successful and well attended with greater than 90% of students finding the topics relevant to their post-graduate success. After the RPP, ASHP residency match results in the 2016 class yielded an improvement from previous years, with 76 % of applied students and 94% of ranked students matching programs in Phase 1. Of the TLC participants, 90% documented an improvement in multiple types of teaching skills. Implications: Based on data and student/faculty input, career development is reassessed and improved continuously at WSoP. In the near future, a method for tracking graduates will be designed to further monitor the impact of programs on student success.


Presented at American Academy of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California in July 2016.

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