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Objectives: In 2014, data were presented on a successful pilot program using quizzes written by tutors in a single course at Wegmans School of Pharmacy. The objective of this study was to use the methods from the pilot to expand the program to other pharmacology courses at Wegmans School of Pharmacy as well as the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy.

Methods: Methods from the previous study were replicated, whereby tutors wrote weekly quizzes administered using ExamSoft®. The optional quizzes were openly accessible to students in preparation for course exams. Performance data were collected from students in one course at each institution and compared to the pilot study. Performance data collected included quiz and course exam scores. All students that utilized quizzes, as well as tutors, were surveyed to assess perceptions of the method.

Results: The use and impact of quizzes was similar to the results in the pilot study. However, the magnitude of improvements was slightly lower than what was observed initially. Exam scores were significantly higher than quiz scores on 6/10 exams measured, compared to 5/5 exams in the pilot. Students who utilized the quizzes performed significantly better than those that did not on 3/10 exams (3/5 in the pilot), and earned significantly higher course averages. Student (n=155) and peer instructor (n=13) feedback remained positive after expansion of the program.

Implications: This method is a tool that can be translated to different courses and different institutions with a valuable impact on student performance.


Presented at American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, July 2016.

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