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Objective: To determine the opinions of pharmacy students towards use of podcast as a replacement to a traditional pre-laboratory lecture for a compounding course.

Methods: Second year pharmacy students were asked to view a podcast prior to their laboratory section as a replacement to an in-class pre-laboratory lecture. A voluntary survey was administered to obtain student feedback regarding the usefulness of podcasts and preferences for its use in future.

Results: A total of 192 out of 232 students responded to the survey conducted during 2011, 2012 and 2013. Of these, 94% of respondents reported viewing entire/ parts of the podcast. Total of 44% viewed it multiple times. Of the students who watched the podcast, 91% reported it was an effective learning tool, and 47% suggested podcasts should be used as a replacement to traditional, in-class lectures.

Conclusions: Students responded positively and preferred the podcast as either a replacement or as a supplement to traditional in-class lecture.


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