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Introduction and leadership framework: With the increased expectation that pharmacy education should prepare students to become pharmacy leaders, schools of pharmacy are struggling to find ways to incorporate leadership topics. One way to incorporate content is to build co-curricular programs that introduce and practice leadership frameworks. The co-curricular program described in this study introduces leadership content using Kouzes and Posner's Student Leadership Challenge. Educational context and methods: Students were offered three workshops developed around the Five Practices framework. Each workshop provided background knowledge before engaging in self-reflection, discussion, and application activities. Students participated in a pre−/post-series assessment of leadership practices, as well as surveys after each workshop assessing achievement of learning outcomes.

Findings and discussion: Average attendance at the workshops was 68, with participation from all professional years. A total of 43 students participated in the entire series and completed the pre- and post-surveys. In general, a majority of students found that the learning objectives of each session were met, and > 90% found that sessions were beneficial and that they planned to implement what they learned. In the pre- and post-series assessment, students experienced statistically significant improvements in four of the five practices as well as in their perceived overall leadership skills (P < .001).

Implications: This program represents an easily implemented option for schools of pharmacy to increase leadership development. Requiring a small amount of student commitment and faculty investment, meaningful gains in leadership skills and knowledge can be gained within the student population.



Peer Reviewed Full text version published in Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning

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