Workshop for Assessment of Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, and Group Dynamics: Student Characteristics and Impressions

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Objectives: As a pathway to promote student development according to CAPE Outcomes Domain 4, the objective was to describe the characteristics and impressions of students who participated in a self-awareness and group dynamics workshop, and to characterize their emotional intelligence questionnaire results. Areas of emotional intelligence that were least familiar to pharmacy students are described. Additionally, the most and least prevalent characteristics of students participating in group activities are outlined.

Method: This assessment included 42 students who self-selected to participate in the co-curricular workshop. They were asked to complete publically available emotional intelligence and group dynamics assessments as well as a pre-workshop survey of the assessments and post-workshop survey of their impressions. Mean scores and student feedback were collected and analyzed.

Results: The mean Emotional Intelligence score of this cohort was 69.83/100 (range 59 to 83). Students identified the subset of questions addressing “how people should act in specific scenarios” and “interpretation of facial expressions/emotions” as the most challenging. Based on the group roles assessment, 71% were identified as having good interpersonal skills, and 29% were identified as preferring individual over teamwork. Overall, 97.5% agreed/strongly agreed that the workshop was beneficial as preparation for professional success.

Implications: Pharmacy students have significant opportunity to improve on the domains of emotional assessment and group dynamics, both of which are necessary for success and satisfaction in the traditionally interdisciplinary health professions. Workshops such as the one described expose students to self-awareness measures and may help students reflect on strategies for improvement.



Poster presented at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, July 2017.

Abstract is published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education June 2017: Volume 81, Issue 5, Article S5:

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