Continuing Professional Education in Pharmacy: A pilot study of a new CPD program

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Objectives: To develop, pilot and evaluate a CPD process among incoming P1 students.

Method: A CPD process was developed by a faculty committee and implemented with the incoming P1 students during their orientation in August, 2009, with completion scheduled for March, 2010. Students were asked to follow a 4 step process: reflection and self assessment, creating a plan, carrying out the plan and evaluating the plan. Faculty advisors (N = 25) reviewed and approved each step. To help students self assess their learning needs, we adjusted the typical CPD process by guiding students to identify a learning outcome from a class syllabus or from a personal interest or volunteer activity. After completion of the first step, the students completed an on-line survey to assess the time required to complete the step and then identify the source of the learning objective. Faculty will be assessed in April to obtain their feedback on the process.

Results: Students completed a survey (40/75) indicating that the majority of learning outcomes composed were personal (24/39), with the remainder coming from courses in their P1 year. The majority of student (31/39) reported that it took 30 minutes to 3 hours to construct the learning outcome.

Implications: Students' completing a simple CPD process is one method to expose future pharmacists to Continuous Professional Development. Workload issues for students and faculty are concerns when implementing a school wide program.



Poster presented at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting in Seattle. Washington, July 2010.

Abstract is published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2010; 74 (5) Article 96.

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