Angiotensin Receptor Blockers Effect on Serum Uric Acid—A Class Effect?

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Purpose: To provide a comprehensive review to determine whether there is a class effect among angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) in relation to serum uric acid.

Summary: A literature search was conducted and 8 articles were identified for inclusion in this review. In the studies reviewed, candesartan and valsartan were shown to have either a neutral or negative effect on serum uric acid. Azilsartan was shown to have a negative impact on serum uric acid while eprosartan appeared to have no impact on serum uric acid levels. Irbesartan demonstrated either a neutral or positive effect on serum uric acid while losartan exhibited a positive effect.

Conclusion: The available data indicate that the reduction of serum uric acid is not a class effect of ARBs. Of the available agents, only losartan has clear evidence of its ability to lower serum uric acid. For patients with high blood pressure and elevated serum uric acid, losartan should be considered as a first-line agent with irbesartan as an alternative when appropriate.


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