APPE Research Elective on Stability Evaluation of Compounded Drug Products

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Objectives: Special patient populations such as pediatric and hospice patients may require compounded medications, because the commercially available products do not meet their clinical needs. The objective of this APPE elective rotation was to allow students to apply pharmaceutics research skills to address the clinical needs for compounded drug products in special patient populations.

Method: A 6-week APPE rotation was designed and implemented with a focus on stability evaluation of compounded drug products. Prior to the start of each rotation, a suitable project was selected by the clinical and science faculty collaborators. During the rotation, the student first received the lab training and reviewed clinical background for the compounded drug product. The student then developed a stability-indicating HPLC assay and designed the stability study protocol. Finally the student conducted the stability study and authored the project report.

Results: This APPE elective rotation was offered once during each of the last 3 academic years. Among the three students who took this elective, two were able to complete the projects as planned, and one did not due to technical difficulties with the instrument. One project report was published in a peer-reviewed journal, which provided stability data on diluted adenosine iv solutions.

Implications: This APPE rotation provides a valuable translational research opportunity for pharmacy students. The projects also allow the students to enhance their skills in research study design, data analysis, and technical writing.



Presented at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting in Kissimmee, Florida, July 2012.

Abstract published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2012; 76 (5) Article S1:

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