Implementation and Evaluation of a Strategic Professional Development Program

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Objectives: After a 2010 self-study revealed a weakness in professional development, a concerted effort was made to implement and assess an improved professional development plan with strategic and diverse programming that addresses the needs of faculty and staff in a school of pharmacy. Method: A needs assessment was conducted prior to the development of an improved professional development program. Areas of most interest to faculty and staff were identified and offered over a two year period. Prior to and after implementation of the program, the Faculty Development section of the AACP Faculty Survey was used to assess faculty satisfaction with development activities. In addition, an electronic in-house survey of specific activities was used to assess the quality and usefulness of offered programs. Results: A diverse array of professional development activities was offered over a two year period, and included five webinars, six half-day live seminars and monthly roundtable discussions. Topics offered in response to faculty needs included grant writing, technology in the classroom and writing and evaluating test questions. Faculty answering agree or strongly agree on each of the Faculty Development questions of the AACP Faculty Survey increased by an average of 29% in the year after implementation. In addition, in-house surveys revealed that 90% of faculty were satisfied or very satisfied with the programs offered. Implications: The implementation of a successful professional development program requires assessing and responding to the needs of faculty in all areas of the


Presented at the 114th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) in Chicago, Illinois on July 15, 2013. Abstract published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2013; 77 (5) Article 109:

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