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Poor adherence is a significant barrier to achieve better patient outcomes. Rates of non-adherence approach 40% resulting in 10% of all emergency department visits and 23% of admissions into skilled nursing facilities. Many factors contribute to medication non-adherence including psychological and memory disorders, aging and pill burden. The MedaCube is a medication management system intended to help solve unintentional medication non-adherence. The device is designed to dispense scheduled and as-needed oral medications. The MedaCube provides audio and visual prompts alerting subjects to administer their medications. Caregivers receive notification of missed doses, late doses and refill requests. The null hypothesis is that use of the MedaCube results in no difference in medication adherence when compared with six month prior adherence in individual subjects.


Presented at the American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting in Long Beach, California, in May 2016.

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