The Evolution From Staff Development to Nursing Professional Development and Continuing Professional Development

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In honor of the 35th Anniversary of JNPD, it is timely to honor our past, celebrate our present, and envision our future.


In January 2006, Belinda Puetz, PhD, RN, the editor of the Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, announced the introduction of new columns to address topics related to practice issue clearly and succinctly for staff development educators. One of these new columns was “administration of departments” (Puetz, 2006, p. 1), which debuted in the January–February 2006 edition. The first Administration column was written by the new column editor Ann Haggard, PhD, RN-BC, the Associate Director of Patient Relations at Eisenhower Medical Center Rancho Mirage, California. Her focus was to share best practices and address issues impacting staff development practice with the goal of improving patient care (Haggard, 2006. From her first to her final column in November–December 2011, Dr. Haggard addressed readers’ questions and concerns for staff development, including organization models/reporting structures, demonstrating financial value, tips for conducting needs assessments, use of self-studies, managing organizational/management problems and behavior issues, validating competencies, orienting travelers, unique approaches to precepting (e.g., dedicated education units), and revamping unit inservices.



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