Integrating lecture capture as a teaching strategy to improve student presentation skills through self-assessment

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As digital natives from the ‘wired’ Net Generation permeate today’s classrooms, and educators adapt to students’ digital expectations, exploring the pedagogical use of educational technology is essential for today’s faculty. Student competency in oral communication and presentation skills transcends disciplines in higher education, as does the need for students to self-assess their performance for self-regulated learning. This study compared the self-perceptions of undergraduate communication/journalism and nursing students who used lecture capture technology for critiquing and analyzing their presentation skills with self-perceptions of students who did not use lecture capture technology. Findings revealed students in both groups lacked self-confidence and competence in presentation skills. Of significance, students using lecture capture technology were more likely to apply what they learned from the self-assessment when developing future presentations. It is suggested that faculty focus on presentation skill delivery, in addition to presentation content, to assist students in developing presentation competencies.



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