Psychometric Analysis and Evaluation of Next Gen Item Types Enhanced Hot Spot

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The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN), designed with the goal to measure nursing clinical judgement, will contain several new item types no featured on the current examination. Using clinical-based scenarios, the NGN will include these new item types: extended multiple response, matrix/grid, drag and drop, drop down, bow tie, trend, and highlight (hot spot). Each case-based scenario will contain 6 items from that list, which will follow the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (NCJMM) (See Supplemental Digital Content 1 Figure, available at The questions related to the evolving scenario follow layer 3 of the NCJMM beginning with an item that requires the candidate to Recognize Cues and completing the scenario with the sixth item where the candidate demonstrates the ability to Evaluate Outcomes.



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