Case Study: Failure to Thrive or Child Abuse

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This chapter provides a case presentation of an 8-month-old female infant who was seen in her home 2 days ago, by a Child Protective Service (CPS) worker who was making a visit for another child. This infant presented to the primary care office with clinical evidence of failure to thrive and possible physical abuse and neglect. A comprehensive history, physical examination, and diagnostic testing, including serology and radiology testing based on presentation, are the standard of care for infants and children presenting with similar symptoms and concerns of child maltreatment or neglect. The pediatric primary care provider (P-PCP) must intercept any possibility for further injury to any infant, child, or adolescent presenting to care by notifying CPS of the findings and the infant/child must be removed from the home, if the home environment is determined to be unsafe.



Chapter in: Behavioral Pediatric Healthcare for Nurse Practitioners: A Growth and Developmental Approach to Intercepting Abnormal Behaviors. Edited by: Hallas, Donna, PhD, PPCNP-BC, CPNP, PMHS, FAANP. © 2018 Springer Publishing Company:

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