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M.S. in Advanced Practice Nursing

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Christine Nelson-Tuttle

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Nancy Wilk


Purpose: This study aimed to develop a culture-centered diabetes education program (CCDEP) for Nigerian immigrants to assess knowledge and attitudes on Diabetes Mellitus (DM).

Design: A descriptive pretest-posttest interventional study was deployed that used Microsoft Excel Analysis. There were 40 participants from a convenience sample from Western New York who received an hour CCDEP that instructed them on culture-centered DM care: tailored context, healthy dietary substitutes, stress management, and physical activities. A pretest measured the participants’ baseline knowledge and attitudes, and a posttest was given after the intervention.

Results: Participants demonstrated more knowledge on DM in the posttest than in the pretest: t=9.43, df =39, (p

Conclusions: The knowledge gained through the CCDEP has the potential to enhance the participants’ knowledge base and to shift their attitudes on DM towards better DM care.

Implications for Practice: Further research is needed to determine if a causal relationship exists between an increase in knowledge following CCDEP and improved DM outcomes.

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