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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Executive Leadership

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Marie Cianca

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Tim Franz


Empirical studies about diversity in healthcare organizations have shown that those organizations have been slow to embrace diversity management (Dreaschlin, Weech-Maldonado, & Dansky, 2004). This study explores whether the ability to retain employees is connected to the employee’s perception that the organization possesses an inclusive environment. The study was conducted at an upstate New York University Medical Center. This research built on existing studies related to the importance of creating a climate of inclusivity in organizations as an important component of specialized diversity recruitment. Specifically, the study tested whether there is a difference in the perceptions of the presence of an environment of inclusivity between professional underrepresented employees hired through a specialized diversity program and professional employees hired through a traditional recruitment process and whether there was a relationship between their perceptions and their commitment to the University Medical Center.

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