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Executive Summary:

The technology explosion coupled with global expansion, intensified competition and a volatile economy has challenged many service organizations to consider cost-effective ways to distinguish themselves from their competition. Research and empirical evidence has suggested that delivering outstanding, client-focused service is a successful differentiating strategy that has a high probability of improving the company’s bottom line. Measuring and improving service quality is a challenge for most organizations. Research on measuring service quality outlines that companies should seek to understand their customers’ expectations and then work to meet or exceed them. This analysis reviews the service quality of ABC Consulting, a financial, accounting and AIS consulting firm. The goal is to identify the areas where there is a gap between customer’s expectations for service quality and the perceived level of service that is being received. The review includes an audit of the company using the SERVQUAL measurement for evaluating customers’ expectations, perceptions and the discrepancies between the two. The purpose of the audit is to identify the problematic service delivery areas and provide recommendations on how ABC may improve their service quality and overall level of customer satisfaction.

The contribution that this case study makes is to provide a tool and methodology that can be used by other public accounting or financial consulting service firms in assessing and improving their service quality, which would result in higher profitability and long term outcomes for firms undergoing this assessment.


Presented at the 2014 American Accounting Association National Conference.

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