Strategic Impact of Big Data on Competitiveness

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In the past few years, the frenzy around Big Data has reached fever pitch with investment and technology advances moving at a staggering pace. Much of the focus in this fast moving world is on the use of analytics to analyze structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in Big Data platforms like Hadoop in order to produce new high value insights to add to what is already known about customers, business operations and on competitiveness. For many companies, one of the top priorities in the use of Big Data is to deepen customer insight to improve customer experience. In addition, there is also a drive to improve operational effectiveness through better operational decision making and gaining and sustaining competitive advantage through strategic planning. This paper outlines and presents the strategic impact that big data have on firms' competitiveness.




This research was also included in a paper presented at the International Academy of Business and Economics Conference in Washington, D. C.

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