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This article will focus on sharing NextGen stories from two new members – who have many similarities and differences – to learn about their takeaways from the program and how it is helping them to prepare for their future:

Joseph Unger III, Store Manager of Unger’s Shoe Store Inc., in Ironton, Ohio. Joseph is third generation, age 30. The firm was started by his grandfather 84 years ago.

Gavin Martin, ELM Shoes, Inc., located in Greencastle, Pa. While Gavin is the youngest NextGen member at age 22, his firm is one of the oldest at 91 years, and he is a fifth-generation family employee.

While both NextGens are from businesses that span at least eight decades, the NextGens have very different stories. Joseph did not go right into the family business from high school; Gavin did.


Published in the March/April 2022 issue of Shoe Retailing Today, Copyright © 2022, National Shoe Retailers Association, Tucson, AZ, All rights reserved

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