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"The subject of feral children has often been explored from a variety of viewpoints and angles. Frequently, such topics as education, language acquisition, emotional stability, mental stability and behavioral patterns are reviewed. However, the motive of actions or the inherent tendency of feral children to behave one way or another is often overlooked. The question remains whether feral children (prior to their integration into society), are in possession of original sin. Many maintain that all humans are born with an inherent desire to do evil. However, is it the result of social stimulation or merely an innate propensity to sin? Before such a question can be answered, a short discourse on original sin is necessary. Thus, I intend to explore and discuss the theories of original sin presented by both St. Augustine and Jean Jacques Rousseau. After creating a basis for understanding original sin, case studies of various feral children (including the wolf-girls of India, Genie and Victor of Aveyron) will be reviewed. These case studies will allow analysis of the theory of original sin in feral children. I hope to explore whether feral children possess a sin nature even though they have not been exposed to society and have been living ―innocent‖ wild lives. Furthermore, I wish to explore what solution or salvation remains for feral children and humanity in general, if indeed humanity is ―cursed‖ with a sin nature."

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