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The World Seen Through the Lens of Faith


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"I had a dream a couple of weeks ago, where I was at the mosque that I usually attend; it seemed enormous and filled with spiritual light, which we refer to as ―Noor‖. I could feel the profundity in the atmosphere as I wondered around. Then I found myself baffled by the fact there were Christian congregations as well as Jewish, along with Muslims, each group gathered around their religious leaders and praying and singing. However, to my astonishment they all were singing the same religious song. As I approached a couple of members of the Jewish faith, I realized they were singing familiar lyrics that I could easily understand. I soon began singing with them. I felt the warmth that captured everyone‘s heart. I told them we have the same prayer in the Islamic faith. We all prayed for a long time, enjoying each other‘s company. I said to myself, this is how it should be; we should be able to breathe the same air, understand and respect our differences and be able to remain under one roof."

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