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"Jay Coakely, a prominent sport sociologist, has explored the links between religion and sport. Many avid sports fans insist that sport participation or viewing is their religion, and Coakley explores how this concept may not be far from the truth. Both have places for communal gatherings – religions have churches, temples, and mosques, sports have stadiums, ball fields, and arenas. Both have rituals before, during, and after events – religions have baptisms, opening hymns, and processions, sports have national anthems, initiations, and tailgating. The use of organizing structures, the disciplined nature of both, and the sharing of common values can be seen in sport and religion. A final area that shows this similarity between religion and sport is that ―both evoke intense emotions and give meaning to people‘s lives‖ (Coakley, 2009, p. 519). It is this final linkage that has become the foundation for a new mix of sport and religion, Christian based Mixed Martial Arts."

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