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Parent and Child


In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Both Dianne and I are engineers. I guess you could say we like numbers. So here we go. 46: The number of years we have been alive. 1964: Both born in Utica, New York. 2: The number of parents we are each blessed to still have with us. My parents are of Italian descent. Dianne’s are of Polish heritage. Both sets of parents are very proud of their ancestry. 5: The number of siblings I have plus 3, the number of siblings I have in heaven. 1: The number of siblings Dianne has. 54: The number of years Dianne’s parents have been married. 48: The number of years my parents have been married. 102: The sum of these 2 numbers, and an incredible number in this day and age. 23: The number of years we have been married. 4: The number of children we have on earth with us. 1: Baby in heaven as a result of a miscarriage. 18, 18, 13, 6: The ages of our children Vinny Jr., Kaity (yes twins), Tommy and Pauly."

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