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Virtue, the Way of God

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The World Seen Through the Lens of Faith


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"God has created mankind in so many various forms. He has placed us all under one universe, this must be a sign. If He willed He could have created one form of man, this must be a sign indeed for those who are seeking. He has embraced all regardless of race, religion, physical or psychological attributes, and He has set us an example to do the same. Those that do are certainly the virtuous of all. He has created us equal, yes, He has granted some more than others perhaps in beauty, intelligence, or better manners, or more money and so on, but He has given every one of us the equality in being the best we can, in leading a virtuous life. Most importantly, He has bestowed us His mercy all the same no matter how out of line mankind might be. Undoubtedly, God is most virtuous of all indeed."

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