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"I figured it was about time I checked in with my favorite religion professors from my last three years of college and see how everything is going. You all probably are approaching mid-semester soon and I cannot tell you how good it feels to not think about tests and papers anymore. I do have some good news though. After a whole summer of contemplating what I was going to do with my life, I finally landed an amazing job. I work at a law firm, Pillar Processing LLC, out in Amherst, dealing mostly with foreclosure and bankruptcy. Our clients, however, are not the mortgagers; instead they are the powerful banks (Fannie, Freddie, Wells Fargo, and basically anyone who has made the news). I like to think of us as the criminal defense attorneys of the Real Estate sector. This job is very interesting; I work in the judgments department where I am responsible for all the paper work that goes to the attorneys and judges when they enter court. I also send out all the case information to the defendants so they are prepared for court. Overall, it’s a very repetitive type of work; what keeps it going is that every county and every judge want something tweaked here and there or else they refuse the case in its entirety. Right now we’re doing a huge “blitz” trying to get as many judgments as possible sent to court before the banks get locked out. Because of this I have had to work many hours of over time in the last few weeks. The job is on an entry level, pays about $13/hr plus time and a half overtime, which requires an extra mandatory 4-8 hrs per week."

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