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"The world today is under attack by a slow and steady enemy. The Earth’s health is getting more complicated as we speak. Over a course of a few years the average temperature of the earth has increased a couple of degrees. This is turn has created a snowball effect. The increase in temperature is causing glaciers to melt, which in turn has led to the ice to break off, stranding polar bears and penguins in the middle of the ocean. With the glaciers melting the sea level is changing interrupting the aquatic life. The ecological cause and effect is increasing, creating more and more problems. Another problem is the displacement of land. Everyday more and more land is being sold and converted into buildings and houses. What was once field is now a mini mall, a rainforest is now a village. Is there a stopping point? Is there a Muslim view on the treatment of the Earth, and a responsibility to the Earth to keep her healthy and thriving or are the perpetuation of humans and the needs of human more important than nature? To understand this complex issue the concept of nature in today’s sense needs to be understood along with the concept of nature in Islamic terms. The concept of water and the idea of preservation of water in the world also will be discussed. Lastly, what is our moral responsibility to the Earth and her inhabitants?"

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