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On Voice and Spirit

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"This quote always struck me very powerfully. “The spirit nourishes within.” Is there a separation of voice from our spiritual being? Over the past several months I have given a lot of thought to the nature of music, singing, and voice. As a student of music, I frequently thought that my training did not solely pertain to singing, but I rarely reflected on this at. Now, I realize that I was being formed in virtues that are not separate from the desire for integrity. I believe that music itself is a very compelling topic that is under-discussed philosophically and theologically, and the discussion of voice is important to our nature, the nature of music, and the Logos, among other things. With that in mind, much of what I will discuss is about singing, but I do not mean for any of this to apply to only the singing voice. As I ponder the following topics, I realize that a much longer work may be emerging. However, the following essay offers a bit of reflection on how I am beginning to visualize the total nature of the human voice, singing, and spiritual growth."

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