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The World Seen through the Eyes of Faith


In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"It took me a couple of days to really figure out how I see my world. It hasn’t been a pretty sight for me. I keep thinking that one day I will finally be more positive about the world, but it never seems to happen. It see the world as a crazy and bizarre place. I was born into a family of Christians and Muslims. My father is Muslim and my mom is Catholic. The families weren’t very thrilled to be mixed, but it happened. I practiced a little bit of both religions, and celebrated all the holidays. Everything was fine until the different religions started to fight each other over religion in my birth country of Bosnia. It was one group trying to wipe out the other. Houses were burned, villages were bombed, children, men and women were being killed because of their religion. Trying to pass through cities, I had to hide my Muslim last name and make up an Orthodox (Serb) last name to be able to get by. Otherwise, we would most likely have gotten killed even if I was only eight years old. My family and I had to leave our country because we were Muslims, for we realized we had no future there. I kept thinking that if we got away things would be fine, that it wouldn’t matter what religion I was, or where I was from. But that wasn’t the case. While living in Germany we were discriminated against for being Muslim, even though we were also Christian. Religious extremism is what drove my family out of our country, and made us struggle for the next ten years, and caused a great deal of pain in my life. That is why religion is not something I look into or believe very much in."

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