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Living With Other Gods


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"The notion of “living with other gods” applies to my family. Living with other gods means that people with different beliefs live with one-another peacefully. When applying this notion to my family, one can relate it best to the religious relations that are between my father and me and that are of between my mother and grandmother. My name is Timothy Crumley; I’m 14 years of age, I’m in the 9th grade, and I attend a collage-prep school called The Harley School. My father seems to have no belief in God and this is seen many times when he talks to me about something important: An example would be when he talks about life or where we as humans have come from: there is no mention of God. My mother, however, is different. When talking about where humans came from with her, God is mentioned, but so is science. My grandmother, being from a “conservative Christian” generation, is open minded about science but, when asked or talked with about how life began or where humans came from, mostly only Adam and/or Eve are mentioned. Talking about how life started is only an example, but it is a significant one. As one can see, these three people in my life have different ways of looking at where life came from, so one can easily figure that they must have different views of where life is going."

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