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Living Our Faith

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"Recently I was at the Hands of Christ award ceremony, which is an award for current high school seniors who display leadership qualities within their catholic communities. At this ceremony, fourteen of the youth from Holy Trinity inWebster, where I am currently youth minister, along with hundreds of other seniors within the Diocese of Rochester, were honored for their service and leadership. During the ceremony, the celebrating priest asked how many of those seniors knew what he or she wanted to do with his or her life. A small amount knew exactly what he or she would do. Then, the priest posed the question to the rest of the congregation—parents and friends, those over 18—how many of us now are doing something different than what we thought we would do in high school? Of course I raised my hand. In high school, I wasn’t even catholic, yet. (I converted while in college). And, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Clearly a lot changed for me since high school; and not to get too sentimental or sound “mushy,” the reason is my studies at St. John Fisher College—where I found an academic thirst and hunger for religious studies."

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