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"For many years, I have been trying to find a religious faith that was right for me. During these past few years I have found Christianity to be the faith that was right for myself but did not have a full understanding as to why I felt this way. By attending the State Street United Methodist Church in Fulton, NY, I was given the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith and the ceremonies that accompanied it. At the church, Communion ceremonies were held on the first Sunday of each month and for religious holidays. Over time, I learned that Communion ceremonies are a very large component of the Christian faith and wanted to learn more about them; hence why I chose this topic. I also wanted to compare Communion ceremonies to ceremonies in another religious faith in order to have a better understanding as to why they are practiced. Through researching the Communion ceremony I found a ceremony in the Jewish faith to be very similar, the Passover Seder. In fact, Communion is not only similar to the Passover Seder but is directly connected to that ceremony in several ways. To get the research I needed to understand the Passover Seder and Communion, I have consulted sources from various colleges, from my hometown, internet databases and conversed to other people who have had experiences with these ceremonies in the past."

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