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"It is all too common that people must learn to cope with the knowledge that a loved one is fighting a potentially deadly disease. The advancements of modern medicine, while helping to heal the body, oftentimes neglect the emotional and psychological effects an affliction has on the patient as well as his family and friends. Faith and religion of any sort can be an incredibly effective tool in dealing with such a distressing situation; not as a salve for the physical pain, but in addressing the emotional wounds that may result for both the patient and his loved ones. For example, it is simple to explain the cause of a disease: the mutation of cells or the failure of the immune system. It is infinitely more difficult to explain, and impossible in medical terms, why a certain person was inflicted to begin with. What, in particular, did that person do to “deserve” such misfortune? This is where faith and religion may offer answers, and more importantly comfort, that cannot be found in any physician’s reference book."

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