Mental Health, Stigma, Physicians.


Bioethics and Medical Ethics | Medicine and Health Sciences | Mental and Social Health



Background: Mental health has been a serious issue among physicians over the past century. It is clear if we do not address this issue, the doctor shortage in America will continue to rise and the quality of care that patients receive will continue to deteriorate.

Methods: Literary research was conducted using both primary and secondary sources in order to find historical evidence of the mental health crisis among physicians.

Findings: It is clear that there is a mental health crisis among physicians by the staggering statistics that will be discussed throughout the paper. It is also evident that more change is required if we are going to fix this issue in our healthcare system.

Summary: In recent years, there have been changes to past policies that have been beneficial to physicians and their mental health such as hour restrictions and mandatory time off between shifts. This is a step in the right direction of a long journey to a better environment for physicians and their health.

Key words: Mental Health, Stigma, Physicians.

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