Health Information Technology | Medical Biomathematics and Biometrics


The principal focus of this paper is to examine the integration of biometric technology into healthcare’s information technology systems. Biometric technology, a rapidly evolving mechanism, analyzes specific anatomical and physiological features of an individual for identity verification (Perrin, 2002). Moreover, as the federal government has mandated all health records to be electronic in 2014, the implementation of biometrics has become a prevalent means of security. In an effort to adhere to the patient privacy laws authorized by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), biometric recognition is currently used to restrict access to verified health care providers and detect fraudulent account access. This paper considers the advantages, disadvantages, and ethical consequences of utilizing biometric technology to secure the electronic health record in regards to cost, usability, accessibility, and accuracy. In addition to evaluating the primary application, the essay acknowledges the potential use of biometric technology to identify patients by vasculature scanning in the future.

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