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Public health concerns from wastewater treatment and agricultural runoff are an issue locally in Rochester, NewYork. In fact, many closings of Ontario Beach have been attributed to pollution or the threat of microbial contamination. Antibiotic resistance is a major issue that has become more prevalent in society, antibiotic resistant human pathogenic bacteria can overcome normal types of medicinal therapy, which cannot only lead to increased mortality but also increases in illness and cost of care. Additionally, antibiotic resistant plant pathogens can impact agriculture. In this study, bacterial species from the Lake Ontario embayment collected over the past three years were analyzed. Bacteria that were known to be human or plant pathogens were selected to evaluate for resistance to commonly used antibiotics using the Kirby Bauer disk diffusion assay. A few species exhibited resistance, preliminary results will be shown.


Presented at the Tri-Beta Northeast-3 District Conference in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 2016.

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