Research and scholarship from undergraduate students at St. John Fisher University that has been published or presented outside of degree requirements.


Submissions from 2019


Transcription of nanos-1 in Zebrafish Embryos is not Affected by Bisphenol A: Evaluated Using Quantitative Real-Time PCR, Bridget Babich, George Roba, Siti Sarah Safura, Kevin Callahan, and Edward A. Freeman

Valuing a running back, Ryan Ingerson

Impact of select social and economic factors on health, Taylor Palermo

Childhood Trauma: It doesn’t end there, Nicole Pellman

A simulation of baseball pitchers and their effectiveness, Zachary Ryan


Evaluating the Effects of Bisphenols F and S with Respect to Bisphenol A on Primordial Germ Cell Migration in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryos Using Immunofluorescence Microscopy, Siti Sarah Safura, George Roba, and Edward A. Freeman

Optimizing NFL receiver route combinations, Jacob Tarnowski and Kaili Saffran

Inferential and sensitivity studies of the baseball wins above replacement metric, Rob Weber


Historical study of the relationship between the federal funds rate and the inflation rate, Aaron Wilkins

Impact of celebrities in advertising campaigns, Alaa Yasin

Submissions from 2018

Are they worth it?, Kaylee Gassner

Optimal empirical game plan for box lacrosse, Eddy Tabone

Reconsidering wins above replacement as a metric, Rob Weber

Submissions from 2017


Development of a Low-Cost Platform for 3D Bioprinting Applications, Anthony Emanuel and Fernando Ontiveros


Traditional Biocidal Replacement Viability of Microcrystalline Silver Chloride, Zachary Hemminger, P. Walsh, R. Curtis, and Kristin F. Picardo

Submissions from 2016


Use of a UAV for Water Sampling to Assist Remote Sensing of Bacterial Flora in Freshwater Environments, Dylan Cornell, Maryann Herman, and Fernando Ontiveros


Encapsulating Ibuprofen using Beeswax Microspheres, Honghao Li and Kermin Martinez-Hernandez

The effect of Cinnamomum cassia on human and plant pathogens compared to known effective antibiotics, David Monin, Shane Breznak, and Maryann Herman


Microbial Sampling of Major Bodies of Water in Rochester, NY, Laura Moore, Daniel Zimmerman, J. A. Concha, N. Raqueño, Fernando Ontiveros, and Maryann Herman


Analysis of the Encapsulation of Beeswax Microspheres with Ibuprofen, Chau To and Kermin Martinez-Hernandez


Encapsulating Ibuprofen using Beeswax Microspheres, Chau To and Kermin Martinez-Hernandez


Building a Freshwater Bacterial Flora Database for Remote Sensing Applications, Daniel Zimmerman, Laura Moore, J. A. Concha, N. Raqueño, Maryann Herman, and Fernando Ontiveros

Submissions from 2015

Development of Inquiry-Based Lab Activities with Pathogens of Wisconsin Fast Plants, Madeleine R. Adolf and Maryann Herman


Effects of Fructose-Derived Advanced Glycation End Products on Acetylation of Histones in the Brain, Alissa K. Cornacchia, MacKenzie Hall, and Melinda E. Lull

Submissions from 2014


Asymptotic Spectral Properties of the Schrödinger Operator With Thue-Morse Potential, William Clark, Rachael Kline, and Michaela Stone


Remote Sensing of Freshwater Bacterial Populations Using Spectral Analysis of Satellite Imagery, John J. Crean, Steven Maisto, J. A. Concha, N. Raqueño, J. R. Schott, Maryann Herman, and Fernando Ontiveros

Development of a standard operating procedure and determination of figures of merit for the study of potassium in potassium gluconate tablets, Samantha Lane, Irene Kimaru, and Kimberly D. Chichester

Analytical method transfer to confirm interlaboratory reproducibility in figures of merit, James L. Stanfield, Peter R. DiMilia, Irene Kimaru, and Kimberly D. Chichester

Development and inter-lab transfer of a dissolution testing and HPLC analysis method for glucosamine tablets, Elaina J. Zito, Meghan C. Burns, Irene W. Kimaru, and Kimberly D. Chichester

Submissions from 2012


Isolation and Identification of Antibiotic Resistance in Bacterial Samples from Lake Ontario, Aaron N. Spacher and Maryann Herman

Submissions from 2011


Determination of Lead in Soil and Phytoremediation Trials, Erin Semple, Kimberly D. Chichester, Maryann Herman, Irene Kimaru, and Cara Patrick