Introducing data science: statistics, computing, and more

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STAT160, Introduction to Data Science, is the introductory and foundational course in the Data Science minor at St. John Fisher College. The course focuses on the “pillars” of statistical inference (e.g., statistical significance, practical importance, generalizability, and causality) using simulation-based methods in R and RStudio. We find that randomization makes statistical concepts more concrete and accessible to students than traditional theory-based methods. We build knowledge of R incrementally and utilize in-class Research Assistants during more intensive periods of programming. The course combines several aspects, including statistical inference, data management, programming, interpretation and communication of results, and thinking holistically about quantitative data analysis. Students practice these skills in homework assignments, during in-class examples, in traditional written exams, and in a semester-long data analytic project on a topic related to their major.


Presented at the Upstate Chapters of the American Statistical Association Annual Conference in Rochester, New York, April 20-21, 2018.

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