Date of Publication

Fall 12-8-2014

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Katherine Burakowski


In liue of an abstract, here is the paper's first paragraph:

Lacrosse was one of the least popular sports in the United States. As time has gone on Lacrosse grew to be one of America’s fastest growing sports in the entire country, grow was seen throughout all levels from the professional and collegiate, and especially at the high school and youth levels (Vivirito 2012). As the game grew at the collegiate level their started to be more competition within recruiting as more teams expanded into the collegiate ranks. Previous research had examined what the factors that student athletes in lacrosse look at when deciding to go to school amongst male and female athletes. It was found that the athletes cared more about the career opportunities that were given at the university and the education they would receive at the university over anything else the school had to offer (Pauline 2010). However, there had been no previous research about if recruiting had changed for coaches as the game continued to grow at the collegiate level. The purpose of this research was to look at if the expansion of Division I men’s lacrosse had changed the ways coaches went about their recruiting.