Date of Publication

Fall 2013

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Katharine Burakowski


The main focus of this paper is to analyze the curriculums of accredited sport management schools, focusing on the course offerings of all 11 accredited schools. The research question being asked is what curricular similarities and/or differences are there between the accredited sport management programs. A content analysis of all the course catalogs of the accredited schools will be done, using the 13 content areas required by COSMA to be covered, as a code for the content analysis. Courses will be sorted into content areas, and then analyzed based to see if there are any common themes or differences between the course offerings at each school. The results showed that there were common themes in all 13 content areas across all 11 accredited schools, with certain content areas having more themes then others. The results also showed 10 out of the 11 schools offered unique courses that either that specific school only offered or one that was found at only two schools. This shows how schools are using their courses to become accredited, while showing what main courses are being taught at these accredited schools, and how these schools use unique courses to set themselves apart from the other ten schools.