Date of Publication

Spring 2014

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Emily Dane-Staples


In athletics every athlete prefers different behaviors from their coach. Research hasn’t been able to explain player preferences in terms of their preferred and expected coaching behaviors and if their coaches are meeting those behaviors. This study looked to see if coaches met the expected and preferred behaviors of their athletes. In order to examine this question, St. John Fisher student athletes of both genders, and individual sport and team sport athletes were be surveyed. After examining prior research, results are expected to show that athletes prefer coaches who are inclusive in decision making, focus on building skills, and develop a positive coach-athlete relationship. Of the 581 student athletes at St. John Fisher College, 87 responded to the survey. The results revealed that athletes preferred a coach to work on improving their skills and building a relationship with them in season, and a coach who does not make all the decisions by himself. There was no significant difference in the expectations and preferences between males and females, type of sport, and the year of the athlete.