Date of Publication

Fall 12-8-2017

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Dr. Burakowski


The reason for the study conducted relates back to working to improve the St John Fisher football teams communication with its main stakeholders .I worked for the St. John Fisher football team and noticed a communication issue between the team and its main stakeholders being the parents. It caused a lot of issues that were seen working while with team so a solution in order to help these things out was something that looked needed. The communication between the team and its stakeholders was not very good.

What was done to find the best way to improve the study was present a questionnaire survey to the main stakeholders of the program that included the parents, alumni, fans, and boosters. These participants were accessed via their emails that were found through Coach Vosburgh and his parent email list. There was a total of 51 people who participated in the study. The data that was received was all quantitative data. The main variables found were what device they used most how often they are on those devices.

The results that stuck out most was that email and text were the most obvious easiest ways to communicate with these stakeholders and that the football program needs to delegate 1 staff member to do all this communicating. This means that this member of the staff should set up a email list with the stakeholders and a mass text that helps him communicate with everyone as a whole unit.